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Table 4 Specification of CMP configurations evaluated in this work

From: A novel power model for future heterogeneous 3D chip-multiprocessors in the dark silicon age

Component Description
Number of cores Experiment 1, 16, 4 × 4 mesh
Experiment 2, 64, 8 × 8 mesh
Core configuration Alpha21164, 3 GHz, area 3.5 mm2, 32 nm
L1 cache SRAM, 4 way, 32B line, size 32 KB private per each core
L2/L3/L4 caches L2: SRAM, L3: SRAM, L4: SRAM (baseline)
L2: SRAM, L3: eDRAM, L4: STT-RAM (hybrid)
Network router 2-stage wormhole switched, XYZ routing, virtual channel flow control, 2 VCs per port, a buffer with depth of 5 flits per each VC, 8 flits per data packet, 1 flit per address packet, each flit is set to be 16-byte long
Network topology 3D network, each layer is a 4 × 4 mesh, each node in layer 1 has a router, 16 TSV links which are 128b bi-directional in each layer
Pmax, Tmax 110 W, 80°C