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Table 1 Software algorithm for fast-charge MPC

From: Efficient embedded architectures for fast-charge model predictive controller for battery cell management in electric vehicles

Stage MPC software algorithm
1. 1.1. Get temperature
1.2. Call parameter function
1.3. Calculate Φ and G matrices
1.4. Create Gnf and Gff (nf = near future and ff = far future) dual mode data)
1.5. Calculate E
1.6. Calculate P (matrix for Hildreth QP)
1.7. Build M (constraints vector)
1.8. Start loop – compare xm[0] (SOC) to reference to see if fully charged. If not fully charged, continue, else exit
2. 2.1. Calculate F
2.2. Solve -FE-1 (optimal unconstrained Δu from J)
2.3. Build γ (constraints vector)
2.4. Compare: M∆u ≤ γ
3. 3.1. False – call Hildreth QP, develop new Δu that meets constraints
3.2. True Goto Stage 4 (4.1)
4. 4.1. Calculate the next control signal, next states, and outputs
4.2. Goto Start Loop (1.8)