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Hard Real-Time Performances in Multiprocessor-Embedded Systems Using ASMP-Linux


Multiprocessor systems, especially those based on multicore or multithreaded processors, and new operating system architectures can satisfy the ever increasing computational requirements of embedded systems. ASMP-LINUX is a modified, high responsiveness, open-source hard real-time operating system for multiprocessor systems capable of providing high real-time performance while maintaining the code simple and not impacting on the performances of the rest of the system. Moreover, ASMP-LINUX does not require code changing or application recompiling/relinking. In order to assess the performances of ASMP-LINUX, benchmarks have been performed on several hardware platforms and configurations.

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Betti, E., Bovet, D.P., Cesati, M. et al. Hard Real-Time Performances in Multiprocessor-Embedded Systems Using ASMP-Linux. J Embedded Systems 2008, 582648 (2007).

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