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A Real-Time Embedded Kernel for Nonvisual Robotic Sensors

EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems20082008:390106

  • Received: 5 April 2007
  • Accepted: 11 January 2008
  • Published:


We describe a novel and flexible real-time kernel, called Yartek, with low overhead and low footprint suitable for embedded systems. The motivation of this development was due to the difficulty to find a free and stable real-time kernel suitable for our necessities. Yartek has been developed on a Coldfire microcontroller. The real-time periodic tasks are scheduled using nonpreemptive EDF, while the non-real-time tasks are scheduled in background. It uses a deferred interrupt mechanism, and memory is managed using contiguous allocation. Also, a design methodology was devised for the nonpreemptive EDF scheduling, based on the computation of bounds on the periodic task durations. Finally, we describe a case study, namely, an embedded system developed with Yartek for the implementation of nonvisual perception for mobile robots. This application has been designed using the proposed design methodology.


  • Mobile Robot
  • Control Structure
  • Embed System
  • Design Methodology
  • Electronic Circuit

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Authors’ Affiliations

DEEI, Università degli Studi di Trieste, 34127 Trieste, Italy
AIBS-Lab S.r.l., Via del Follatoio 12, 34148 Trieste, Italy


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