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From IEC 61131 to IEC 61499 for Distributed Systems: A Case Study


A new concept for distributed control systems based on the new IEC 61499 standard is tested in this work in cooperation with LAE Engineering GmbH, a medium-sized company. Based on a catalogue of requirements, a customer-related testbed is developed. In the following this testbed is used as a reference to realise an IEC 61499 compliant-distributed control system based on PC technics. By doing this, rules are defined to convert user-owned IEC 61131 function blocks to IEC 61499 compliant function blocks. Concluding, some trends for IEC 61499-based distributed control systems will be summarised.

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Gerber, C., Hanisch, HM. & Ebbinghaus, S. From IEC 61131 to IEC 61499 for Distributed Systems: A Case Study. J Embedded Systems 2008, 231630 (2007).

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