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Industrial TCP/IP Services Monitoring through Embedded Web Services


The amount of IT devices and services incorporated in the industrial environment has led to the need to design mechanisms that will ensure its correct operation and minimise stoppage times. This paper proposes a system based on service-oriented architectures that allows the correct operation and monitoring of the applications and services running in this type of production elements. The main component of the system is a reduced size network device—that we have named eNSM device—in which the monitoring function proposed has been embedded as a web service. The whole system is based on a distributed application whose components are software agents. In addition, an application protocol named NSMP has been defined for communication between these agents.

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Maciá-Pérez, F., Marcos-Jorquera, D. & Gilart-Iglesias, V. Industrial TCP/IP Services Monitoring through Embedded Web Services. J Embedded Systems 2008, 219807 (2007).

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