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Novel Methodology for Functional Modeling and Simulation of Wireless Embedded Systems


A novel methodology is presented for the modeling and the simulation of wireless embedded systems. Tight interaction between the analog and the digital functionality makes the design and verification of such systems a real challenge. The applied methodology brings together the functional models of the baseband algorithms written in C language with the circuit descriptions at behavioral level in Verilog or Verilog-AMS for the system simulations in a single kernel environment. The physical layer of an ultrawideband system has been successfully modeled and simulated. The results confirm that this methodology provides a standardized framework in order to efficiently and accurately simulate complex mixed signal applications for embedded systems.

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Sosa Morales, E., Zucchelli, G., Barnasconi, M. et al. Novel Methodology for Functional Modeling and Simulation of Wireless Embedded Systems. J Embedded Systems 2008, 171358 (2008).

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