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Table 5 Multi-programed workloads used in the experiment

From: A novel power model for future heterogeneous 3D chip-multiprocessors in the dark silicon age

Test program suite Benchmarks
Memory Bounded set1 (MB1) zeusmp(3), libquantum(3), lbm(3), GemsFDTD(3), art(2), swim(2)
Memory Bounded set2 (MB2) zeusmp(2), libquantum(2), lbm(2), GemsFDTD(2), art(4), swim(4)
Medium set1 (MD1) mcf(3), sphinx3(3), leslie3d(2), gcc(2), cactusADM(2), milc(2), omnetpp(2)
Medium set2 (MD2) mcf(2), sphinx3(2), bzip2(2), calculix(2), leslie3d(2), gcc(2), cactusADM, milc, omnetpp, wupwise
Computation Bounded set1 (CB1) parser(2), applu(2), face_rec(2), equake(2), astar(2), hmmer(2), bzip2(2), calculix(2)
Computation Bounded set2 (CB2) parser(2), applu(2), face_rec(2), equake(2), astar(2), hmmer(2), bzip2, calculix, mpeg_dec(2)
Mixed set1 (Mix1) sphinx3(2), mcf, astar(2), hmmer, gamess(2), perlbench(2), soplex, gromacs, gcc(2), leslie3d(2)
Mixed set2 (Mix2) sphinx3, mcf, astar(2), hmmer(2), gamess(2),perlbench(2), gromacs(2), tonto(2), gcc, leslie3d