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Table 1 Basic notation

From: On the assessment of probabilistic WCET estimates reliability for arbitrary programs

S Number of sets in cache  
W Number of ways in cache  
c l s Size in bytes of a cache line  
@ A or A Address assigned to a memory object  
\(\mathcal {Q}_{i}\) Sequence of accesses to cache  
\(@(\mathcal {Q}_{i})\) Unique (non-repeated) addresses in \(\mathcal {Q}_{i}\)  
\(|@(\mathcal {Q}_{i})|\) Number of addresses in \(\mathcal {Q}_{i}\)  
a C i One combination of addresses from \(@(\mathcal {Q}_{i})\)  
|a C i | Address count in (i.e. cardinality of) a C i