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Table 1 Existing papers on SD card controller design

From: A low cost and fast controller architecture for multimedia data storage and retrieval to flash-based storage device

Work Controller design Platform model
[1] Data archival to SD card using HDL Altera Cyclone II
[14] Design of SDHC card video player on SoPC NIOS II CPU with IDCT hardware acceleration IP core
[15] Simultaneous multi-channel data acquisition system Altera Cyclone II
[16] NAND flash memory controller for SD/MMC card Freescale DSP 56858 platform with UMC 0.18 μm CMOS process
[17] Portable analog data capture using custom processing WOLFSON WM8731 ADC, NIOS-II processor
[18] A high efficient flash storage system for two-way cable modem TWCNP-OS
[Proposed] FSM-based application-specific controller using HDL Xilinx Spartan 3E xc3s500e-4-fg320