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Fig. 5 | EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems

Fig. 5

From: Optimizing linear routing in the ToLHnet protocol to improve performance over long RS-485 buses

Fig. 5

Packet flow along the network. This figure depicts the transmissions that occur on the network to send a packet from NodeB to NodeE (top example) and from NodeB to NodeF (bottom example). Yellow boxes denote packet transmissions. The packet header fields are represented inside each such square in the format SRC -> DST @ HOPS DIR. Green boxes denote packet acceptance, either to be forwarded (light green) or to be accepted locally (dark green). Of course, many other nodes on the network may actually receive the packet. A few of them, marked by smaller white boxes, are also at the correct depth level to possibly accept the packet, but the routing rules are designed so that all but the designated forwarder discard the packet

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