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Table 1 Parameter setting

From: Research on recovery strategy in embedded real-time main memory databases

Parameter Meaning Default value Domain
num_imo Image data object number 250 50~500
num_deo Derived data object number 250 50~500
num_ino Invariant data object number 500 200~1000
per_short Short time limited data ratio 20% 0~40 %
vi Time series data validate time 50ms 5ms~10s
δ Time series data state change threshold 10% 0~20 %
period Period of periodic transaction 50ms 5ms~10s
generation_ratio Periodic transaction generating ratio 20/s 5~50/s
trigger_ratio MT trigger ratio 5/s 2~10/s
update_number Update number 2 1~3
num_actions Action number 3 1~5
update_mode Update mode Hybrid Deferred/immediate/hybrid